Computer Input/output devices | Hardware components

Of course, this topic will be directed mainly to computer beginners and media professionals, as well as to those looking for a computer definition to include in their posts and presentations.

So we will deal with the definition of computer or the concept of computer in a simple and smooth way for everyone to understand.

Question: What are the definition and components of the computer?

A computer is an electronic device that analyzes and processes information automatically and in a very short time. This information may be in the form of numbers, text or writing, pictures, videos and other information. It should be noted that the processing that the computer performs is digital, and this feature is what makes the computer fast in processing very effectively and without any errors.

So my beloved, after we got acquainted with the definition of the computer and its concept in its simplified form, we will pass to get to know the components of the computer and we will ask the following question so that the topic is framed and easy to understand for everyone.

Question: What are the components of the computer?

Computer components are determined by determining the type of computer we are talking about. Is it a laptop or desktop computer although there is no difference between them in terms of hardware except in the design or design, where the laptop is nothing but a miniature desktop computer designed to be a portable and easy-to-use computer, so in principle the components of the computer are As follows:

Central Unit

It is the unit that collects all the computer components that are directly related to the motherboard: the processor, the RAM, the Wi-Fi card, and other components.

The screen  

The display screen, on which the data is displayed, and it is considered one of the input and output units. It is one of the most important parts of the computer, as it is the mediator between the hardware and the computer software and the user. For reference, a whole topic is devoted to explaining the screens in detail. I invite you to review it.

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The keyboard is one of the input units that enables us to enter the data that we want to process using the automatic sensor. It is also one of the indispensable pieces. And I have also devoted a separate topic to talk about it.


It is also one of the input units and it helps us to choose, delete or name a file, for example, on the desktop. It has a great advantage and is easy to use.

In addition, there are other components that we consider complementary to the computer components and are not significantly necessary for the operation of the computer, namely:


Of course, to produce the sound, and it belongs to the output units. And they are found in various forms, including compact ones, for example, laptops, netbooks and other portable computers, including external ones, such as the following used with desktop computers.


Of the output units are also used for printing, as is known. It may be from the input units if it contains the scanner, known as the scanner in the public.


The opposite of the printing machine, which is one of the input units, whereby we enter data from a copy or image, text or numbers or otherwise from the data to the computer.


It is used to either take pictures or to record videos and is one of the input units. These others are found in many types and countless, with different quality, the most important and best of which is the so-called Full HD.

The microphone

Of course, he is responsible for capturing the sound and passing it to my computer, as it is one of the input units.

So, my dear ones, this was a simplified topic about the components of the computer

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