Computer keyboard Secrets | Windows shortcuts  

A key within the computer keyboard, which is the Windows button, is our topic today, dear followers and fans of the Electronics Professional Space Blog

As you know, dear, the caches of Windows or rather the computer keyboard are countless. We will stand today, on a topic that will help us a lot in winning time while we are working on the computer, it is related to my beloved, the Windows button on the keyboard, of course when pressing it alone it gives us a Start menu that shows us the programs installed on the computer.

 In addition to some features, depending on the type of Windows system you are working on, but when you click on a combination, that is, the Windows button + another letter on the keyboard or keyboard, we get something different and this is called key shortcuts from within the computer keyboard.

The goal of this is to make it easier to work on the computer, to save time and to have a professional keyboard.

The functions that it is characterized by. So let's get to know my brothers on this button.

Before we start explaining the topic, as it is always in the blog of the Electronic Professional Space, we first frame the topic so that it is smooth and easy to understand, and we ask the following question:

What are the functions of the Windows button on the keyboard?

مفتاح من ضمن لوحة مفاتيح الحاسوب

Windows button

So in the following we will show each combination with an explanation as follows and briefly so that we can understand all the shortcuts for the Windows button, which is a key within the computer keyboard.

-Windows button

To open the start menu

-Windows key + B letter

Notifications area

-Windows key + D letter

Minimizes all screens and shows the desktop

-Windows key + E letter

This shortcut opens My Computer

-Windows key + F letter

This shortcut opens the search feature.

-Windows key + L letter

This shortcut locks the operating system.

Frankly, I personally use this shortcut very often because it is very cool as it allows us to lock the Windows system to avoid the use of the computer by another person and perhaps your son or daughter, especially if you are working on an article or something like that, and I advise you to try it to learn how useful it is.

-Windows + Tab button

To move between Windows windows in 3D.

Ctrl + Windows + Tab

To move between windows in a wonderful three-dimensional way.

-Ctrl + Windows button + B

To open the program that displays a message in alerts.

-Windows + Space button

To display the desktop.

-Windows Button + Up Arrow

To maximize a window.

-Windows Button + Left Arrow

To enlarge a window to the left side of the screen.

Windows Button + Right Arrow

To enlarge a window to the right side of the screen.

Windows Button + Down Arrow

Minimize all windows.

Windows + Pause button

To view the system properties.

Windows + M button

Minimize all windows.

Windows Key + Shift + M

To restore the windows that were minimized.

Ctrl + Windows key + F

To search for computers on the network.

Windows + L button

To switch your account or lock the computer.

Windows + R button

To open a Run window.

Windows + T button

To share open programs in a bar


Shift + Windows button + number

Open a new program from the installed programs

In the taskbar

Ctrl + Windows button + number

Moving to the last active window of the program installed in the taskbar and the number according to its order.

Alt + Windows button + number

Open a program pinned to the taskbar, in order of it on the ribbon

Windows + Home button

Minimize all windows except the active one.

Windows Key + Shift + Up Arrow

Expand the window to the top and bottom of the screen.

Windows Button + Shift + Right or Left Arrow

To move a Windows window from one screen to another.

Windows + P button

 Choose how to display your device when other monitors or projectors are connected.

Windows + G button

To move between gadgets icons on your desktop.

Windows + U button

To open tools for special needs.

Windows + X button

To open your device's properties control center.

I hope you like the topic of Windows Button Shortcuts - a key on the computer keyboard - that you like.

greetings to you all