Laptop Motherboard Components and Their Types and Functions|Computer hardware

Types of electronic components and their functions on the board and getting to know integrated circuits and simple and complex electronic components on a laptop motherboard are our topic today.
Of course, the difficulty faced by any novice in the world of computer maintenance and even professionals is to understand the symbols and components of the motherboard, or what is termed the motherboard.
We will work, God willing, today to understand the motherboard accurately, and it will be in the flower of the laptop, so that we dedicate a topic similar to the motherboard of the desktop computer.
The processor or the processor
Alchibsit or northern Qantara
Live memory or RAM
Southern Qantara
Graphic-Up Integrated Display Card
Simus battery
The following picture below shows the most important electronic components on the motherboard, which we will discuss in detail

-1 CPU Socket
-2 Northbridge
-3 Graphic card 
-4 Southbridge
-5 RAM slot
-6 CMOS battery

Essie Albius
It is a small ISE that looks exactly like the Mosfet, but what distinguishes it from it is its somewhat large size, as well as its different role, which is reflected in the fact that it contains a program or software essential to work and boot the computer.
That program is booted directly while pressing the computer's power button, so that the BIOS, along with the processor or the so-called processor, or the CPU, checks the readiness of all electronic parts on the motherboard, whether they are built-in internal such as RAM, chipsets, and external parts such as the hard disk, disk reader, etc. .

The following picture is AISI input and I / O output
He is the one who controls the power on the board in addition to his important relationship with the BIOS and the keyboard. And it is among the important Ias on the board that may cut off the power while it is damaged.

المكونات الالكترونية ووظائفها

The following picture shows:
Mosafat, which is a type of small isyat, or the large isihat, marked in the red circle, is the BIOS and its size is large compared to the mosfet
And this picture shows the coil, the ancestor or the two bobbins
And on it, we raise the voltages of any circuit

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Exact picture of capacitors called PF capacitors
It is very widely present in all motherboard circuits of the Processor circuit and its role is to smooth the electrical current, and of course it is used with data and power signals.
المكونات الالكترونية ووظائفهاالمكونات الالكترونية ووظائفها

This lineup of PV capacitors is found behind the Processor socket

Here is a picture of the chemical only
It is characterized by being polar, meaning it has only one installation direction
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Below is a picture of the resistors
Surface resistors are used to suppress the electric current according to the needs of a specific circuit.
المكونات الالكترونية ووظائفها
المكونات الالكترونية ووظائفها

Zener diode

Like capacitor with polarity, it has one direction of installation
المكونات الالكترونية ووظائفهاA picture showing quartz and it is also called crystal
Crystal is present on any flower to a limited extent. Its role is to assign specific frequencies to specific ACs, in order to coordinate data exchange operations between these ICs.
المكونات الالكترونية ووظائفها
Of course, we only got acquainted with some types of electronic components on the board and in the coming topics, God willing, we will explain the role of each element separately and on a separate topic, knowing that I will update and add to this topic so that it includes the component of the board completely and be an electronic encyclopedia, God willing
It should be noted that I also touched on a similar topic, but it deals with large electronic parts for large electronic devices such as television screens and others.